Curriculum Vitae

Speaking on a panel of ‘Young Green Leaders’ at Hamid Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar 2018

Curriculum Vitae




2013 – 2019                Ph.D. Global Governance & Human Security, University of Massachusetts, Boston (Successful Defense 1/14/2019. Graduation 5/2019.)

McSparren, Jason J. 2019. Seeking a Nexus between Transparency, Accountability and Sustainable Development in the Extractive Industries: An analysis of the Mali Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI). Dissertation. University of Massachusetts, Boston. Proquest.

Committee: Timothy M. Shaw (Chair), Jane Parpart, Adugna Lemi, and Kobena Hanson

2009 – 2012                M.S. Global Studies and International Affairs, Concentration: Conflict Analysis, Northeastern University Boston, MA

Thesis: From Client to Patron: A Survey of the Contributing Institutional Factors in the Rise of the Narco-Don in Jamaica

2000 – 2003                M.A. Teaching, Concentration: English as a Foreign Language, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI

1992 – 1998                B.A. English Literature, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI


2021-2022       Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science, Providence College,

                                                                                                            Providence, RI

  • Introduction to Politics (PSC 101)
  • Comparative Politics (PSC 205)
  • International Law and Organizations (PSC 369)

2020–Present, Vice President of Research and Grant Proposals, The Green Institute, Ondo, Nigeria & Houston, TX (

2020 — 2020 Adjunct Instructor, Political Science, Providence College, Providence, RI

  • Comparative Politics (PSC 205)

2020 – Present Moderator, The Green Room presented by the Green Institute

  • ( Monthly episodes focused on current research and trends in the field of environmental sustainability.

2019 – 2019    Associate Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Boston

  • Research and Methods for Global Affairs (GLBAF 350)

2017 – 2018    Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, West African Research Association, Boston University2014 – 2017               

  • Conducted field research in West Africa to support my dissertation study.

2014-2017 Pre-Doctoral Researcher, Qatar National Research Foundation, National Priority Research Program, Governance of Natural Resources in Africa: Advancing a Qatari Perspective and Economic Diversification

  • Member of a collaborative research team representing University of Massachusetts, Boston, Ottawa University, and Hamid Bin Khalifa University. Conducted research focused on natural resource governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Conducted field research in Doha, Qatar, Geneva, Switzerland, Bamako, Mali, Nouakchott, Mauritania, and Dakar, Senegal.
  • Contributed to 7 peer-reviewed journal articles and co-edited a special edition journal.
  • Compiled and input data for quarterly progress reports.

2012 – 2012                Lecturer & Researcher, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA

  • Taught undergraduate courses: English language and critical thinking.
  • Contributed research for a needs assessment project for the English Language Skills Department (ELSD).

2009 – 2011                Senior Lecturer, Northeastern University, Global Pathways Program, Boston, MA

  • Designed and taught English as a foreign language course for undergraduate and graduate levels: Academic Composition; Reading and Literature; Listening and Communication.
  • Designed and taught masters level course: Globalization and Development.
  • Trained and mentored international teaching assistance (ITAs).

2006 – 2009                Assistant Director, English Language Center, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

  • Organized and scheduled courses for 4 levels of Intensive English and Undergraduate and Graduate Bridge programs.
  • Managed 15 full- and part-time lecturers for a program that serviced an average of 100 international graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Managed budgets.
  • Advised students on their academic careers.

2005 – 2006                Senior Lecturer, English Language Center, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

  • Designed and taught courses: College Writing Composition, Public Speaking and Listening, Reading and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Curriculum development.

2006 – 2007                Lecturer, Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Designed and taught English language and critical thinking skills courses (ESL 5 and ESL 17).

2003 – 2005                Instructor, Texas State Technical College, Harlingen, TX

  • Taught Adult GED preparatory courses.
  • Executed administrative tasks: i.e. curriculum development and monitored student progress to inform program development.


International Political Economy of Natural Resource Extractive Sectors, Global Environmental Policy, Global Governance Initiatives, irregular migration and Human Security dynamics in the Sahara-Sahel region


(1) McSparren, Jason, J. 2019. The Impact of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights on Corporate Social Responsibility Policies: An Assessment of Canadian Mining Firms. In Corporate Social Responsibility and Canada’s Role in Africa’s Extractive Sectors. Nathan Andrews and J. A. Grant (editors). University of Toronto Press. Ch. 5.

(2) Sangaré, Yalla and Jason J. McSparren. 2018. Acknowledging Conflict across Mali’s Centre: Drivers and History. Journal of African-Centered Solutions in Peace and Security vol. 3, September, 14-38.

(3) Balag’kutu Timothy Adivilah, Jason J. McSparren, and Stacy D. VanDeever. 2018. Extractives and Environmental Governance Research. In A Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics. Justin Alger and Peter Dauvergne (editors). Elgar, 65-86.

(4) Balag’kutu Timothy Adivilah, Jeremiah O. Asaka, Linda Holcombe, Jason J. McSparren, Stacy D. VanDeveer. 2018. Environmental Conflicts and Peacebuilding in Africa: Connecting Resources, Issues and Ongoing Initiatives. In Routledge Handbook of Environmental Conflict and Peacemaking. Ashok Swain and Joakim Ojendal (editors), 267-282.

(5) McSparren, Jason J., Hany Besada & Vasundhara Saravade. 2017. Qatar’s Global Investment Strategy for Diversification and Security in the Post-Financial Crisis Era. Centre on Governance Research Paper Series, University of Ottawa, May.

(6) McSparren, Jason J. & Cristina D’Alessandro, 2017. The Implementation of Trade Relation and Industry Standards: The Qatari National Development Strategy and the African Mining Vision. Centre on Governance Research Paper Series, University of Ottawa, May.

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(9)Jang, Jinsop, Jason McSparren & Yuliya Rashchupkina. 2016. Global Governance: Present and Future. Palgrave Communications 2, Article: 15045.

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(11) McSparren, Jason, J., Mohamed Evren Tok, Timothy M. Shaw & Hany Besada. 2015. Inclusive Growth, Governance of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development in Africa from a Qatari Perspective. In Africa and the Gulf Region: Blurred Boundaries and Shifting Ties. Abusharaf, R. M. and Eickelman, D.F. (Eds), Gerlach Press. 111-128.  

(12) Tok, M. Evren, Jason J. McSparren, Maha Al Merekhi, Fatima Mohamed Ali. 2014. Smart Cities in Qatar and United Arab Emirates: A comparative analysis. International Journal of Social Science, No. 30, Winter, pp. 191-207. 

(13) Tok, Evren, Hany Besada, Timothy Shaw, Jason McSparren. 2014. Governance of natural resources, security and investment in Africa: A Qatari perspective. Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (ARC).


McSparren, Jason J. 20 September 2018: “The EU’s Securitization Strategy to Stem Irregular Migration from Africa Fails to Address Root Causes”

Sangaré, Yalla & Jason McSparren. 18 June 2018. “Mali’s Presidential Elections on July 29: Overview,”

—– “Mali’s Presidential Elections on July 29: Analyzing the field,”

—– “Mali’s Presidential Elections 2018: Unknowns and the stakeholders who might affect the outcome,”


Besada, Hany, Tok, Mohammed Evren, McSparren, Jason J. & O’Bright, Ben (Editors). 2017. Special Issue: Investment and Governance of Africa’s Natural Resources. Vol. 8 (1).


2017- 2018      Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, West African Research Association, Boston University

2016                Dissertation Research Grant, Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Dean of Graduate Studies, UMB


2018                ‘Young Green Leader,’ 2018 MakerSpace workshop at Hamid Bin Khalifa University

2019                Annual Ubuntu Award presented by the Africa Scholars Forum at UMB in recognition of Africa centric research and activism


2017              Bamako & Sikasso, Mali

Dakar, Senegal

2015              Nouakchott, Mauritania

                        Bamako, Mali

2014               Doha, Qatar

2011                St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica


2019                Policy Diffusion of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: Seeking a Nexus between Transparency, Accountability and Sustainable Development in the Extractive Industries. &

                        Long-standing issues contribute to multifaceted insecurity in Central Mali: Prospects for Peace?. Jason McSparren &Yalla Sangaré International Studies Association, Toronto, Canada, March.

2019                Long-standing issues contribute to multifaceted insecurity in Central Mali: Prospects for Peace? Jason McSparren &Yalla Sangaré. &

                        Global Issues Addressed through Global Governance: The EITI as an Intervention Against the Resource Curse. Canadian Association of African Studies, Montreal, May. 

2019                Toward Policy Regionalism: African Agency and the Potential for Developmental Regionalisms. Jason McSparren and Timothy M. Shaw.  International Public Policy Association, Montreal, June.

2018                Co-Entrepreneurship and Green Investing in West Africa. Jason McSparren. Hamad Bin Khalifa University MakerSpace Initiative. Doha, March.

2018                Global Governance at the Local-level: EITI Implementation and Natural Resource Governance in Mali. International Studies Association, San Francisco, April.  

2018                Addressing Conflict Across Central Mali: Myth, Reality, and Questions. Yalla Sangaré & Jason McSparren. Canadian Association of African Studies Conference, Ontario Canada, May.

2018                Seeking a Nexus Between Transparency, Accountability and Sustainable Development in the Extractive Industries. International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation. Sao Paulo May.

2017                Global Governance & Africa’s Extractive Industries: Conceptualizing the Media as a Fourth Leg in Multi-Stakeholder Frameworks. Nathan Andrews and Jason McSparren. Canadian Association of African Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada, June.

2017                Natural Resource Governance in the Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development: State, Corporate and Civil Society Dynamics. Panel Chair. Public Policy and Entrepreneurship. Discussant. 3rd International Conference on Public Policy. Singapore, June.

2017                Global Governance frameworks and multi-level learning processes: Are Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) compliant states ‘learning’ to practice transparency, accountability & plurality?.  &

Global Governance & Africa’s Extractive Industries: Conceptualizing the Media as a Fourth Leg in Multi-stakeholder Frameworks. Nathan Andrews and Jason McSparren. International Studies Association, Baltimore, March.

2016                Political Economy of the Gulf-Sub-Saharan Relations: A governance of natural resource perspective. International Political Studies Association 24th World Congress of Political Science, Poznan, July.

2016                Questioning the ‘Resource Curse’ in the West African Sahara-Sahel: A case study of Mali before and after gold exploitation.  Africa in the 21st Century: Prospects for       Secure Sustainable Development Cosponsored by: Educational Divide Reform, Academy of International Business (USA North East Chapter) & PhD Program in Global Governance and Human Security, UMB Boston, MA, April.

2015                Corporate Social Responsibility Policies and Natural Resource Governance. 2nd International Conference on Public Policy (IPPA). Discussant: Milan, Italy, July.   

2014                Qatar and Africa Investment Relations: diagnosing Qatar’s reluctant engagement Conflict Studies and Global Governance: The new Generation of Ideas Conference University of Massachusetts, Boston. Boston, MA, October.                                 


  • Africa Scholars Forum, UMass, Boston, member
  • Resource Governance Lab, McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMB
  • International Studies Association (ISA)
  • International Political Science Association (IPSA)
  • International Public Policy Association (IPPA)


Organizer and Event Co-MC, ‘1St Africa Day Celebration’, Africa Scholars Forum UMass, Boston   (2/27/2019):

Peer editor and consultant for several PhD dissertations, book length manuscripts, and journal articles.

Fundraiser, designed, advertised and administered two crowd-sourcing campaigns to purchase educational materials for a village in the Region of Timbuktu, Mali.

Former Board Member and Research Director, ‘Refugees Welcome!’ (NGO) (2017-19)

Chair, Faculty Search committee, Old Dominion University, English Language Center.

Chair, Curriculum Development Committee, Old Dominion University, English Language Center.

Peer Reviewer for several academic journals. 


  • Global Governance – CONRES 638
  • Human Security – GGHS 710
  • Gender and Human Security – GGHS 712
  • Theory of Conflict Resolution – CONRES 623
  • Negotiation – CONRES 621
  • Theory and Concepts of International Relations – PAF 631
  • International Organizations – CONRES 640
  • Foundations Public Policy Analysis – PPOL 611
  • International Political Economy – PAF 634                                     GPA 3.78 (4/9/15)


2009                Grant Writing USA 5-day seminar


English (native), French (low-intermediate), Spanish (low-intermediate), Arabic (beginner)


United States of America

REFERENCES: Available upon request


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