Developmental State and New Regionalisms in the African Context

The value chains of the African mining sectors underwent structural transformation in the 1980s and increasing in the 90s as western-based mining and energy interests capitalized on the liberal ‘globalization’ era. Perhaps, the Africa Mining Vision plays a role in a realignment of current structures as states maneuver to gain a greater percentage of sharedContinue reading “Developmental State and New Regionalisms in the African Context”

New Book Release!

A great new book has just been released titled: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CANADA’S ROLE IN AFRICA’S EXTRACTIVE SECTORS Edited by Nathan Andrews and J. Andrew Grant. University of Toronto Press My chapter is titled: The Impact of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights on Corporate Social Responsibility Policies: An Assessment of CanadianContinue reading “New Book Release!”