The Green Room: Episode 1: Is the Extractive Industry a Burden or Opportunity for Sustainable Development?


The discussion kicked off with a brief introduction of our distinguished speaker, Professor Damilola Olawuyi, and our amiable moderator Dr. Jason McSparren. The topic was one that is long overdue, only to be validated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nigeria as a nation and Africa as a continent has not lived up to its abundance of natural resources. The extractive industries have been bedeviled by corrupt practices and environmental insensitivity. In the age of sustainable development where the environment is unassailable, economic development is non-negotiable and equality is indisputable; what role would the extractive industry play in expediting sustainable development in Nigeria and Africa? Oil is one of the products of the extractive industry, has been the mainstay of our economy, and has enriched public coffers conveniently. How do we transition from this monoculture economic system to a rich multicultural economic system without hemorrhaging the economy?

For satisfactory answers and an in-depth analysis into this mysterious industry, find out more by downloading the audio, video or transcript of the webinar.

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