About the Author

The author is Dr. Jason J. McSparren. He earned his Ph.D. in Global Governance & Human Security at the McCormack Graduate School, University of Massachusetts, Boston (2019) and a MS Global Studies and International Affairs, Northeastern University, (2012). He is also a Pre-Doctoral Fellow (2017-18) for the West African Research Association (WARA).  His dissertation research investigates the political-institutional norms of governance at the national and sub-national levels of natural resource governance in Mali. The title is, Seeking a Nexus between Transparency, Accountability and Sustainable Development in the Extractive Industries: An Analysis of the Mali Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI).

Jason was also a researcher for a multi-year project funded by the Qatar National Research Foundation titled, Natural Resource Governance in Africa, Promoting a Qatari Perspective and Economic Diversification. His notable publications include: Sangaré and McSparren (2018) “Acknowledging Conflict across Mali’s Centre: Drivers and History,” African solutions Journal 2(II);Balag’kutu, McSparren and VanDeever (2018) “Extractives and Environmental Governance Research,” in A Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics (Edited by Alger and Dauvergne); Jang, McSparren, Rashchupkina, (2016), “Global Governance: present and future,” Palgrave Communications 2; McSparren, Tok, Sanz, (2015), “Contours of Qatar-Sub-Saharan Africa Relations: Shedding Light on Trends and Prospects,” London School of Economics Middle East Centre; McSparren, Tok, Besada, Shaw (2015), “Inclusive Growth, Governance of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development in Africa from a Qatari Perspective,” in “African and the Gulf Region: Blurred Boundaries and Shifting Ties,” Gerlach Press. Jason’s research interests include the International Political Economy of natural resource extractive sectors, Global Environmental Policy, Global Governance initiatives and Human Security studies. 

Search Jason on Google Scholar for a list of his publications.

Coast of Dakar, Senegal
The Niger River flying into Bamako, Mali
Community Garden, Bamako, Mali (Photo Credits 1,2,3 JJMcSparren)

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